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At Bikram Yoga Newcastle we believe in creating a welcoming, safe and friendly environment where everyone can come and practice the yoga we love.

Bikram Yoga Newcastle, based in Broadmeadow Newcastle is not not just a yoga studio, we are a community, your home away from home. Our beautiful modern studio is Newcastle’s first Bikram Yoga Studio teaching the original Bikram Hot Yoga method of 26 hatha yoga postures and 2 breathing exercises in a room heated to 40 degrees at 40% humidity.

Our teachers are all certified Bikram Yoga Teachers, having completed the 500+ hour teacher training, so you’re in safe and experienced hands. More importantly, our team are just regular people who happen to love yoga. A lot.

Bikram Yoga Newcastle offers a full schedule of classes to fit within your busy lifestyle. Our change areas are complete with showers, hairdryers and lots of space so you can fit your yoga practice into your daily schedule.

At Bikram Yoga Newcastle we believe in creating a welcoming, safe and friendly environment where everyone can come and practice the yoga we love, no matter how young or old, bendy or inflexible, fit or frail you are.

We understand that everyone’s goals are different and are committed to creating a space where you can be uniquely you, whilst being a part of a supportive community.

Our yoga is a challenging and rewarding practice both mentally and physically, and is strategically designed for all levels from beginners to experienced yogis.

So whether your looking to build your strength or flexibility, de-stress and improve your mood, lose weight, work through some aches and pains or are simply just looking to have fun and improve your quality of life, Bikram Yoga Newcastle is the place for you.

Bikram Yoga is a mental and physical yoga practice. It’s hot. It’s sweaty. And it will change your life.

Be the best version of you.

The Studio

Bikram Yoga Newcastle is a state of the art hot yoga studio, complete with Far Infrared Ray (FIR) heating panels that deeply penetrate and activate the body, firing up your metabolism and allowing you to get the most out of your yoga practice. A non-invasive and natural light energy, FIR further helps to detoxify the body and supports injury recovery.

We care about the environment and our yoga room is fully insulated and thermostat controlled to make sure the yoga room remains at the required temperature whilst making sure we use our precious energy resources responsibly.

We offer mat and towel hire, Mens and Womens change rooms, complete with showers, toilets, hairdryers and lots of space to get changed so you don’t have to leave the studio all hot and sweaty after class.

And our chill out space is your space to relax and unwind, before or after class, so feel free to come in early or stay and chat and soak up your yoga bliss after class.

We open our doors 30 minutes before each class (except for our 5:45 am classes where doors open at 5:30 am) and doors are locked for security purposes on class commencement for the duration of the class.

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